TOTAL!DANCE! is an interactive music and dance performance for children in 1.-3. grade. The children are audience, and at the same time free to move in space. They spontaneously respond to the choreography and music with all the senses and moving body.

Through the immersed participation in the work a wealth of fantasies arise in the children – images, charakters, archetypes, situations which relate to school and family life, nature ect.

TOTAL!DANS! invites everybody to engage in the work in accord with each individuals own temperament. Sensory experiences are in focus, and the work stimulate body, feelings and fantasy.

The performance is suited for schools as well as theatre venues.


In TOTAL!DANS! I am investigating how children might organize themselves around adult dancers, when they are allowed to move freely in space. I am investigating ways in which adults artists extend invitations to other bodies through the aesthetic expressions of dance and music, and the group, with the adults offering their artistic skills, becomes a selvorganising system.

I am working with and studying the body as: physical body, thoughts, sensations, dynamic energies and feelings. In this work it becomes concrete and palpable that the dancing body transmits multiple movement-impulses though presence, attitudes and physical movement. Every kind of impulse that takes place in the dancer, wether you can see it or not, are impulses in space and become concrete and visible in the children’s responsive bodies. Everything that takes place in the acts of relating, expresses itself in choreographic shape.

It is evident that attitudes of judgements and discriminations towards a group, or even just an individual, are splitting the choreographic shape. On the contrary a body-mind-state of trust, connection and lightness gives the dancer a sense of timing, and coherency in the shape of the group emerge. However it is not uniform shape we see, but differences in temperaments and behaviour within the group co-exists and becomes active agents. The aesthetics of specific relations to specific groups becomes expressive, we see a precise choreography of relations.